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Find Your Ring Size

Tiffany (US) Size​ Internal Diameter / Circumference (mm)​
15.7 / 49.3 J 1/2 k 1/2 L 1/2
16.5 / 51.9 M L N
17.3 / 54.4 O M O

How To Measure

  1. Choose a ring that already fits your finger well.
  2. Measure the interior diameter of the ring in millimeters (mm).
  3. Use the measurement chart above to match the size of your ring to the closest Tiffany size in mm. 

The natural elegance and deep hues of the extraordinary Zambian Emeralds are brought to life through the alluring sparkle of diamonds. The mesmerizing array of green emeralds creates a dream-like illusion of walking down a glorious garden: the divine Garden of Eden.

This remarkable layout of Zambian Emeralds creates a playful composition that adds light and personality to the set. Finding the perfect colors, cut, and shape all fit to perfection in one elegant set is ZAIA's promise to offer only the finest gems to our clients.



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